Issue 130


Issue 404

Sorry everyone, but this comic has come to an end.

I really meant to tie up the loose plot ends, but I can make no more comics, because I sold all of my Lego.

I might, however, start taking pictures of grass and posting them here.

I am very sad to announce this.




April fools!

Pictures of grass? You believed that? Really?

Issue 123

Hi readers! I’m going back to the classic format, due to some unexplainable reasons. For some more reasons not explained, I have not posted a new issue in over a month. This is partially due to the fact that I am working on anĀ awesome new video project, taking place in the Awesomepants universe. It might be a while till you see it, but it’s in the works, trust me. I might be bringing the comic storyline to a temporary ending, and spend more time working on the video project. I will try to make the plot satisfyingly end, but stay open for when I might come back to it and continue it. Enjoy the comic! (And the future comics on the way!)