Hi, and welcome to Adventures of Mr. Awesomepants! You have just stepped (Well clicked close enough) into an epic lego-built hillarious world full of Characters, stories, and slushies. It is centered around an on-going comic series. To properly find out what’s going on, you should read some of the past comics. There are 3 ways to recap yourself:

  1. Start at chapter 1 you can read the entire chapter without loading any more pages, all the comics for chapter 1 are on that page. However, chapter 1 contains some very small letters that may be difficult to read.
  2. Start at chapter 2. At the beginning there is a written recap of the events of the first chapter so you can tell what’s going on.
  3. Start at the latest chapter. This is the quickest way to recap yourself. There is a recap at the beginning, and once you have read all the comics on that page you must click on find out what happens next and then keep clicking next until you either get to the latest issue or get to the last issue that you remember reading (If you have been reading this for a little while.)

I hope you enjoy reading my weird mashup comic. Sincerely, Mr. Awesomepants.


This is a picture of me. Since I can’t quite grasp a pencil, this is sort of in lieu of me signing my name.