Issue 132 (And a temporary farewell)

Well, that about wraps it up. Of course, there are plenty of loose plot ends untied, but I felt like since I was not posting very frequently, it would be the least I could do to wrap up the story. (Sort of) This doesn’t mean that this is the end, though. Sure, there won’t be another comic for a few months, but I think that there is a very strong possibility of an Issue 133. For now, though, I am focusing on making a stop-motion animation video series that is about the early days of the Awesomepants team, and how it was founded. So ya’ll can be looking forwards to that, I guess. (Not to brag, of course.) P.S. if it isn’t clear, the destruction of the dimensional stabilizer caused mech pilot to warp to the Minecrafty-looking world that the Awesomepants team was teleported to earlier.

So, goodbye readers, for now at least.

Issue 404

Sorry everyone, but this comic has come to an end.

I really meant to tie up the loose plot ends, but I can make no more comics, because I sold all of my Lego.

I might, however, start taking pictures of grass and posting them here.

I am very sad to announce this.




April fools!

Pictures of grass? You believed that? Really?